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The Sour Hour is a radio show currently broadcast out of North Manchester FM 106.6, on Thursdays between 7-9pm. It began as an online lockdown show in the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic. The show began talking to bands, venues, promoters and labels about what they had been doing and how they could be supported.   Now The Sour Hour is broadcast across Rak Rock Radio in the UAE (Mon, Wed 7.10pm). NMFM 106.6 in the UK (Thu, 7pm) and over on the UCLA student radio network in Los Angeles, (Wed, 6pm).  

It’s basically 1-2 hours of punk, fuzz, psych, garage rock and blues music. Often featuring the occasional interview with unique figures in music.  Including: Arthur Brown, Dave Haslam, Damo Suzuki and The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets!

Go and have a stream of all the old episodes of The Sour Hour right here! Make sure to go and buy any records you really enjoy. I think almost all of them are mentioned by name on the show and available on Bandcamp. Furthermore if you wanted to go that one step further and donate to the Music Venue Trust (a group supporting over 400 struggling venues across the UK) you can do so here…

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